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Transitioning x The Power of Choice

And just like that, leather jacket season is back in full effect. I, out of all people, was absolutely not at all ready to say goodbye to the warm weather months, but unfortunately, I don't have much of a say in the matter. Change can be good though... right?

Just as the seasons are changing, my life seems to be in the same transitional phase. My circumstances have not changed all that much just yet, but I feel the brewing desire and drive to make my dreams a reality. It's as if the moment the weather started getting cooler, a switch turned on, and I automatically had so much motivation to do the things that I've been saying I wanted to do (and not doing) for months... or years even.

I recently came across a tweet that said:

"You clock in and work for somebody 8-9 hours a day but you won't put in an hour a day for yourself in the gym. You won't study your passion/hustle for an hour a day. You won't polish your craft for an hour a day. Your job isn't in the way of your greatness. You are."

-@khalilmsaadiq via twitter

This resonated with me immensely and I just had to reiterate it again. I often find myself blaming my day job for the reason I don't put in the necessary work into achieving all my goals; but at some point, I have to take accountability and realize that the only person there is to blame is, well... me. In retrospect, everything in life is a choice, and we choose to not go that extra mile and set aside an hour or 2 for our passions and justify it with "I'm exhausted" or "I had a long day". Granted, those are completely understandable and warranted reasons, but that is a choice that we make, and we have the option to make a different one.

Instead of choosing to binge watch something on Netflix, justifying it as "me time" (something I am very guilty of and I'm sure a lot of you are too), choose to use those last few hours of the day to complete a goal that you set for yourself and fell off your radar for whatever reason. We literally choose every moment of our lives, just as you are making the choice to read this right now.

We have created our current lives with certain choices and we will create or future lives with choices. The question is, what kind of choices should you be making to live the life that you want to live 1 year from now? Or 5 years from now? Or 10 years from now? We have to keep this in mind when we decide to make choices that give us short-term gratification and focus on making choices that will subsequently make our lives better in the long run.

The graphic tee that I'm wearing in these photos says "Too Genius", so I just figured it was only right for me to drop some brilliant and inspiring gems to go with it! Here's to my first look of the fall, taking back the power that we always had, and choosing from this point forward, to allocate time to our dreams, goals, and aspirations!

Shirt: Zara

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Skirt: DL1961

Sunglasses: Balenciaga

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