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Florals In Springtime? Groundbreaking

Spring is really here and (for the most part) it seems like it’s here to stay! If you have me on any social media platforms, or just know me in real life, you’d know I’ve been complaining about the cold weather for months! It’s actually made me so miserable lol. I really thrive off the sun and warm weather so when winter overstays its welcome, that starts to take a toll on my mood and desire to do anything at all. I enjoy winter and the layering and the chunky sweaters and such, I do.... but not for 6 months (at least that’s how long it seems like winter lasted)! I’m so ready to indulge in sun dresses, heeled sandals, floral tops, and all the fun fashion that spring and summer have to offer.

What other way is there to kick off spring if not with something floral printed lol? If you didn't recognize the title of this post (shame on you) it's from a scene in my all-time favorite movie The Devil Wears Prada, where Miranda made a point that florals in springtime are absolutely not groundbreaking at all (clearly); but these floral prints will still certainly get worn by me as long as it's warm outside! Any who, I got these slide mules from Zara about 2 months ago when it was still freezing cold temperatures. They just screamed “spring time” and I knew I wanted to wear them for one of my first looks of the warmer weather months! To be honest, the best part of these shoes isn't the print at all, but is actually the material. I live for satin-like fabrics! My top has a similar texture as well. Going for something simple and understated, I paired them with all-black everything and a red bag to highlight the colors in the shoe. Who said you can't wear all-black all-year long? It's absolutely a year-long wardrobe color for me and every other New Yorker.

Top: Zara

Pants: Blank NYC

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Zeleste (use code IAMTHETRINITY for $$ off)

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