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The Year of Renewal x Sporty Chic

And just like that... another year has come and gone. I know it’s pretty cliche to say that a year flew by, but 2017 was easily the quickest flying year I’ve experienced thus far. It’s so surreal actually. We’ve all turned a year older, had another year’s worth of life experiences, another year’s worth of life lessons... just like that.

I must say, personally, 2017 was a year filled with consistent growth and I’m overwhelmingly appreciative of it all. All the triumphs, all the disappointments, and even the things that I’m still unable to understand; because they were all necessary in contributing to my personal growth and journey. It’s easy to be reflective at the end of a calendar year, but that managed to be a pertinent theme in my life all-year long... And that I am thankful for. I certainly didn't get to accomplish everything I set out to last year, but viewing the goals I didn't reach as lessons as opposed to L's is something that bring me solace. All I can do is really focus on a game plan to achieve them now. All in all, 2017 was a solid year. I took multiple steps in the right direction, and I'm excited to apply all that I've learned in 2018 which, for me, will be the year of renewal (and maybe even a little bit of rebranding😉 ).

Now onto my first look of the winter (well on my site at least). I live for a perfectly color coordinated outfit. Like when each color meshes precisely, but it's not too matchy-matchy? It just fills my heart. That was my incentive with this look. I typically never wear any shades of purple (because of my hair), but the hue of my sneakers and shirt were just pale enough that I could get away with it. Those elements accent the lining of my bag, the jeans accent the details of my top, and the pink shearling coat kind of just pulls everything together. This look was so fun... I mean any look that consists of a colored-fur coat (faux or not) usually is. Not to mention it was extremely comfy. I am almost always in a heeled shoe during the week, so throwing on running shoes was a breath of fresh air.

Happy new year! <3

Photos by: @rezzenstein via Instagram

Coat: MinkPink

Top: Crossroads Trading

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Zara

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