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The Trinity Turns 21

I was so blessed to celebrate another year of life this past weekend with some of the people closest to me, but it was especially special being that it was my 21st and I'm finally legal. Me and 8 of my friends took on Atlantic City making this birthday one for the books and easily my best one yet.

Being that 21 is such an important birthday, of course I had to go all out with my ensembles. My birthday weekend consisted of a 2-night slay. Day 1's look was 1920's inspired, although it was actually done accidentally. My dazzling sequin dressed accompanied by a fur collar worn over my shoulder and metallic box clutch and shoes to match exuded nothing but 'flappers' vibes. I felt super regal and glamorous in this look. Day 2's look consisted of a peach-toned top and skirt set I got from Roberto Cavalli in Italy. I knew when I bought it I would need to save it for a special occasion and what's more special than my 21st birthday? I didn't want to be too matchy-matchy which is where the olive open-toed heels came into play.

I'd like to think I said goodbye to 20 the most ideal way possible: surrounded by nothing but love and drenched in style. 20 was an AMAZING age filled with so much growth, new experiences, new adventures, and new accomplishments. I can't wait to see what 21 has in store for me.

Night 1 Look

Dress: Parker New York

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Asos

Choker: Asos

Fox Collar: FurHatWorld

Night 2 Look

Set: Roberto Cavalli

Shoes: Asos

Clutch: Missguided

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