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Black, White, and a Pop of Color

I normally only wear neutral and earth tones, but every once in a while, when I'm feeling really adventurous, I'll incorporate a bold hue into my look. I can do but so much with bright shades because of my hair, so I always make sure to tone it down with a drab color like black or white. Being that my additional look consisted of black, white, and silver, it made for a pretty aesthetically pleasing array of photos:

What better time to wear the Roberto Cavalli silk shirt you snagged in Italy than for the launch of your blog?

Embellished choker details.

Jacquard Zara Pant details. These were about $25 for their mid season sale... I live for sales.

Pepto-bismo pink Zara pant. Also from their mid-season sale.

One of my favorite clutches. Pure white faux leather with "stressed" on one side and "but well dressed" on the other because... well... my life in a clutch.

Photos by: @livinglegend__ via Instagram

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