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Keeping a Balance x Jackie O Vibes

Firstly, Happy Women’s History Month! This time last year I did a really fun project that I’m extremely proud of. I love us, and with all the hardships that women face daily, we still manage to power through… that’s what makes us so magical. I personally make it my business to celebrate women every month, but it’s still nice to have a month dedicated to doing so!

But, let’s move on: I recently realized how little of my professional life that I share (on my blog, on social media, etc.) which is weird being that it takes up SO much of my life (and away from me updating my blog as frequently as I would like). So let’s just start here, I work as a Marketing Assistant for a home décor brand. I’m probably one of the only people my age that don’t absolutely hate their jobs lol. I actually enjoy what I do for the most part. I do miss working in fashion, but the worlds of interior design and fashion are just closely enough related where it works for me. Even though I’m just an assistant, I have tons of responsibility with managing and spearheading multiple facets of the brand’s marketing.

I’m sharing this with you because I recently came to the realization how hard it is for me to devote time to marketing the brand I work for, and myself equally. It feels damn near impossible! I pour a ton of effort and ideas into managing the brand’s social media, strategizing and creating content, storyboarding product videos, updating visuals on the website, and when it comes time to market myself and personal brand, I’m mentally exhausted. I say that to say, I am currently in the process of finding the balance between managing my job’s brand and my personal brand. Although, I must say, a lot of the marketing strategies I use to promote my company’s brand can certainly be applied to marketing myself, which is obviously a great takeaway… it’s just about making the time to do those things regardless of how drained I feel. It will certainly be a process but I plan on mastering it! Being that this is the field I chose to work in, regardless of what company I’m at, this will always be the case so I might as well work on finding that balance now!

Now onto my first lady-esque look lol. I really felt like a president’s wife (Jackie O specifically), walking through the city in my Chanel inspired tweed skirt and medium-heeled pointed toe shoes. I got this skirt on sale at Zara and I’m almost 100% sure that the designer’s inspiration was a classic Chanel tweed suit… but thankfully for me and my pockets, without the Chanel price point of course. I adore this skirt because of all the colors in the pattern.

There’s about 2 or 3 different shades of blue, white of course, and a sort of gray. Pieces like this make color coordinating an outfit way more enjoyable because there are so many colors to play off of. I remember stating in a previous post that color coordinating is my favorite part of styling myself (and other people), so throwing my baby blue shearling coat and gray Zeleste bag into the mix to complement all the colors in the pattern was super satisfying. Not to mention the fact that the coat really made the skirt pop… it was just the perfect pairing.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Photos by: @trehalo via Instagram

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