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Hello Fall

Welp, summer was fun while it lasted, but one of my favorite times of the year has commenced. All the holidays, the leaves changing colors, my birthday (November 18th mark those calendars), and, of course, fall fashion.

Summer comes first and foremost, only because I'll take warm weather over cold any day, but Fall/Winter are the seasons for dressing in my opinion; layers, statement coats, thigh-highs, booties, shearling... there's just so much more variety in fall & winter fashion. I've had enough of short shorts and tank tops for the time being... so ready to switch it up! Not to mention the most important reason: I can finally wear all black again lol. And my first look of the fall consisted of mostly that! No surprises there...

I wish it would've been a little cooler before wearing this skirt because it's the perfect material for colder months but 60 degree weather had to suffice. To balance all the black, I threw my yellow Zara booties into the mix. I'm thinking that a lot of my looks this season will consist of statement pieces like these. They really pop and add the perfect finishing touch; and that certainly comes in handy when a lot of one color comes into play.

Shoes: Zara

Top: Banana Republic

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Zara (again lol)

Skirt: Fox's

Photos by: @rezzenstein via Instagram

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