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The Minimalist

Not every look requires the absolute most (even though I'm usually all for that). There's so much appeal in simplicity and minimalism to me. Especially when it's done effortlessly. Every once in a blue moon I like to throw on the minimum. A simple printed something (or it could be solid but in this case it was a striped dress from Zara), solid-colored shoes and bag, and of course a pair of shades, and be on my way.

I'm usually not a huge fan of stripes but I can get with it if they aren't all one size, or if there's an interesting style or silhouette, and this dress had just that, so I couldn't do without it (not to mention it was on sale). Accessories aren't really needed with minimalistic outfits in my opinion (for the most part at least) because I feel like it kind of throws off the balance of the look and takes away from the element of "minimalism". Less can certainly be more... but only sometimes! There's this misconception that minimalism is basic or boring, but when done right, it can make just as big of a statement as the loudest of outfits.

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Rachael Ruddick

Photos by: @prince_marmar via Instagram

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