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Spring Is That You?

Well being that I live in NYC where it'll be warm and sunny one day and then we'll be hit with an 8-inch snow storm the next, no, it probably isn't... but the past few days of nice weather were enough to hold me over until it is actually spring; and believe me I am literally counting down the days.

With the semester finally starting to pick up and my weekly mental breakdowns beginning to ensue, I've been so overwhelmed with school work, work, and just life in general, hence this being my first post in a while. When I have had free-time, instead of dedicating it to working on website content, I'd rest and feel insanely guilty while doing so. I often have to remind myself that spreading myself too thin and being on go 24/7 isn't healthy for anyone and over-exerting yourself will just lead to crashing and burning. So taking a step back and resting for a day or 2 is completely ok and necessary for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

But any who, as I mentioned the weather in NY has been very springy, which calls for a springtime-appropriate outfit, and nothing is more 'springtime' than silk scarves and hats. This hat was collecting dust for months (I literally had to pick dust off of it), but it found the perfect pairing with my RC scarf and top shop blazer. Thanks global warming for allowing me to comfortably wear just a blazer in February (I'm actually really concerned but I gotta get these looks off regardless).

Hat: Forever 21

Scarf: Roberto Cavalli

Blazer: Top Shop

Pants: Zara

Shoes: H&M

Photos by: @trehalo via instagram

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