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Office Chic

Dressing for work in frigid temperatures in NYC can sometimes be a headache and even feel a little uninspired... Especially if you work in an office setting like me. There are days where I just throw on the first thing I see in my closet and call it a day (which is usually a sweater, jeans, and booties), but I'm trying to consciously make an effort to keep my looks in the realm of "office chic" for the '17; even if it is 40° outside. Printed pants, a sweater, patent leather booties, and a pea coat are one of the many easy ways to be work appropriate without having to freeze for the sake of fashion.

Not to mention I incorporated one of my favorite color combinations into this look. There's something so alluring about pairing black with such a delicate hue like pale pink. To me it says, "I'm generally a pretty serious person, but I'm also kind of fun too."

Top: Zara

Pants: Topshop

Shoes: H&M

Bag: Rachael Ruddick

Photos by: @trehalo via instagram

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