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When Florals Meet Leather

The first semester of my senior year and last fall semester ever as an undergrad is finally over and I couldn't be happier because I'm a step closer to getting my second degree. Now that I'm out of school for 6 weeks, I'll finally have more time to contribute to photo shoots, my website, and other projects I'd like to work on.

I seriously cannot believe how quickly this year has come and gone. This may or may not be my last post for 2016, but if it is, I can truly say it was an amazing year filled with tons of progress, development, and improvement in every aspect of my life. I'm so thankful to have the support of my loved ones in all my endeavors and an audience that's receptive of the content I put out. I have a long list of goals to accomplish in 2017, as I'm sure you all do as well and I hope you guys attain every single one of them. If this is my last post for 2016, I wish you guys a year filled with nothing but success and prosperity, and I hope you all end your year off with a bang!

With temperatures steadily dropping in NYC and me missing the summertime profusely, I wanted to incorporate some remnants of warm weather into my look, hence the floral embroidered pants. Like almost every article of clothing I get that I absolutely love, I kept these pants stashed away until the perfect outfit presented itself. I'm obsessed with them because they combine such a dainty and soft design (floral) with one of the edgiest fabrications (leather). Making them the statement piece of my outfit, I paired them with a silk black shirt, black pointed-toe boots, a black patent leather messenger bag, and a black leather coat. There's no better time to drown yourself in all black than in the winter (even though it's an all year thing for me).

Happy Holidays!❤︎

Silk blouse: H&M

Pants: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Asos

Bag: Mango

Coat: Ebène by Patrick Assuline

Photos by: trehalo via instagram

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