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Better Late Than Never: Intro

After years of constant self-discouragement for absolutely no reason other than fear and a bit of doubt... is finally here.

A year or 2 back, I wrote a post titled "It Could All Be So Simple" (I actually have it up on the site being that so many people liked it) as a final assignment for my sociology class.That post was supposed to be (well should have been at least) a gateway for me to develop a personal blog... but as I said in the beginning, fear and doubt intervened and completely sank that ship. It's truly been a long, drawn out battle within myself and a lot of "what ifs?"

"What if nobody goes on it? What if no one reads any of my posts? What if everyone actually hates it?"

Luckily for me, this summer was filled with inspiration, growth, and self-actualization which gave me that little push that I needed. I realized you can't be hesitant or doubt yourself when it comes to your gifts and abilities, even if you haven't discovered them all yet. You especially can't keep putting things off for later because before you know it, there will be no more "later" and you'll wake up one day as a washed up 40-year old wondering what the hell you did with your life (not a damn thing). When it comes to the quest of achieving your goals and dreams, you can plan but so much, but a point will come when you need to just dive in head first. So, that's what I did... and this is only the beginning.

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