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It Could All Be So Simple

A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling down my newsfeed on twitter and I came across a tweet that read, and I quote, "Girls cheat more than guys do." After I concluded my intense eye roll and deep sigh of dissapoinment, I thought to myself "This has to be a joke and I need to prove this person wrong because they're clearly a babbling fool."

After doing some research on the topic of infidelity, I didn't get the results that I expected. I anticipated finding that the number of men that were unfaithful outnumbering that of women by a landslide, although there was only about a 10% difference in the percentages (with that of men still being higher of course). It was then that I realized this was data of married couples and people well-past their adolescent years. I needed statistics on males and females of my generation to prove my point. Therefore, I decided to role play as a sociologist and do my own little study.

I made a quick and easy anonymous survey consisting of 2 simple, self-explanatory questions asking "Have you ever cheated in any of your relationships?" One question was for females only, while the other was for males only so that I could easily differentiate between the data. The target age of people who responded to the question were between the ages of 17 and 24, which was the exact group of people I wanted to hear from. After letting the survey sit for about week, I looked to see the final results; and they were exactly what I thought they'd be: 29% of females admitted to cheating in any of their relationships while 67% of males, almost the reciprocal to that of women, admitted to cheating in any of their relationships. These numbers sounded much more fitting.

Almost every female I personally know, no matter how faithful, gorgeous, and amazing they are, has been cheated on by at least one of their partners. I asked myself "Why is it that it's so easy for females to stay faithful while it's a struggle for the male race to do so? Why can females have eyes for one guy and one guy only but majority of males eyes seem to wander?" In that moment, I realized that it's simply a matter of maturity, the fact that women are groomed from a young age that they will grow up, find a man, get married and have kids, and the fact that society paints this picture that guys should have multiple women. I mean, I knew this before but this pretty much confirmed it for me.

We all know that women mature quicker than men. This is a proven fact and not up for debate. Women usually think long-term while most men are just thinking for-right-now. It's much easier for them to imagine spending the rest of their life with a person and not wanting to do anything to mess up what they have. Even if their still in their adolescent years, they'll most likely still possess these characteristics. For most men, these qualities don't come about until later down the line. After they've already screwed over that girl that was down for them all along. Although, there is that small percentage of guys (33%) who already have it figured out (JUST DON'T CHEAT).

From 4 and 5, us females watched movies that instilled in us that we need to find a prince charming in order to live happily ever after. Maybe if we were taught to grow up and be the provider and independent, with or without a spouse, we'd be more susceptible to cheat too.

The societal norms definitely don't help either. It's almost as if guys are bashed for being a one woman man or even claiming a girl as their girlfriend. They'd refer to her as everything else BUT that. Some guys will rather be with their "bros" all the time than with their girl. I'm just saying, if you'd prefer to always be with a bunch of dudes than spending quality time with a girl that's down for you, something is a bit suspicious to me. They feel like they should have other females lined up just in case one is acting up, but why should that be the case? Just communicate and work it out with the one you claim you love and loves you just the same. It could really all be so simple.

I didn't make this post to bash males as a whole, only to bash the ones that have their heads so far stuck up their ass that they can't realize when they have something great. All I'm saying is, don't wait until it's too late to change guys and she's all out of chances to give.

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